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The Hydromag team met Fernand from Hortiline at a European show in late 2012. He made some very bold claims about Hortiline’s products being the best in the industry. We took delivery of a goody-bag packed with products from Hortiline just in time for this issue. After a lot of poking and prodding we came to the conclusion that his claims were far from outlandish.

Clip fans usually tend to fall into the category of cheap and cheerful products which aren’t designed to last for a lifetime, let alone in the unforgiving environment of a growroom. Hortiline have designed a product which scoffs in the face of high humidity and elevated temperatures, with an additional kicker to boot…

The clip itself is really strong; we tested it on various bits of kit around the Hydromag office and it didn’t have any trouble staying put, even on round bars which normally give clip fans a fair amount of trouble. Vibrations are imperceptible if they’re there at all and the noise output is extremely low. To top it all off the Hortiline clip fan looks the business.

Hortiline have purpose built a great product in the shape of this fan. It’s cheaper to run, lasts longer, looks cooler and does less damage to the environment than its notably lesser counterparts. How any worthwhile shop keep could not stock this product is beyond us. Here’s hoping the Hydroponics industry embraces the little fella in the same way we have. What’s not to love?


Clip fans normally rely on oil for lubrication. In the altered environs of a grow room that oil dries up in no time at all, leading the fan to stutter under an unstable rotation and eventually burn out altogether. Hortiline’s clip fan uses a magnetic motor which minimises friction between the motor and the blades, increasing the fan’s lifespan exponentially. This reduction of friction means that the fan can run at lower power without sacrificing air movement- and that’s the kicker.


After looking hard at this fan we could only find one thing wrong with it – and it’s more a backhanded compliment than a put down. The fan produces up to 40kg less CO2 in the atmosphere, this might seem good, but what about our plants? They love CO2. Sorry Hortiline, but we had to find something wrong with it

Fave Facts

The HYDROMAG team scoured the internet to compile a rundown of the average power consumption of six inch clip fans, and then we calculated the cost of running one for twenty four hours a day, for an entire year. Take a look at the box if you fancy checking our maths. In a nutshell, a single Hortiline clip fan will save you around £16 a year in electricity consumption- which, funnily enough, is about how much you’re likely to spend on an average clip fan, but chances are it won’t last for a whole year.

Clip fan, Hortiline

This article was originally published in Issue 003 of HYDROMAG (January – February 2013).

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