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Dutch nutrient company Cellmax have twenty years’ experience in producing nutrients and substrates for fast growing plants.

Their botanical boffins provide simplicity to their customers with four basic but effective and easy to follow hydroponic nutrient lines. Cellmax’s Hero products are specifically designed to help even the most advanced grower to step up their growing game with additives ‘Rootbooster’, ‘Flowerstimulator’, ‘SuperEnzyme’ and ‘PK booster’.  These additives have been developed over two decades and allow the grower to release their crops maximum potential.

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Cellmax – designed for all growing media.

Cellmax Hydro Range

The Cellmax Hydro range has been designed and tested for use in NFT systems; however it can be used in drippers, ebb and flow and other common hydroponic growing systems. Cellmax Hydro Grow and Bloom nutrients are based on UK tap-water and designed for irrigation water to keep your pH level as stable as possible. Cellmax recommend using their Hydro Grow and Bloom nutrients together with the Cellmax 60/40 Hydro-Coco Mix.

Cellmax Organic Range

Cellmax also provides an Organic range; for those growers who want only natural, organic elements to achieve the maximum taste. Cellmax Organic nutrients ensure a high-quality end product, a natural end result and are completely free from toxic substances. These nutrients are the perfect compliment to the Cellmax Organic Lightmix substrate.

Cellmax Terra Range

For people who are less concerned about growing organically, the Cellmax Terra range costs a little less and is good for those ‘buckets and soil’ growers who like the growing process to be a little simpler. Supporting this simple approach is Cellmax’s Terra range which consists of two easy-to-use yet powerful single component nutrients ‘Earth Grow’ and ‘Earth Bloom’. Once your plants are established, after the first six weeks or so, add our Earth Grow and Earth Bloom nutrients for great results with little fuss.

Cellmax Cocos Range

Last but not least, the Cellmax “Cocos” range of products has been specially developed for use on 100% natural coconut substrates (aka Coco or Coco Coir). Cellmax Cocos range includes the well balanced two part ‘Coco Grow’ and ‘Coco Bloom’ Nutrients that are easy to use, and like all nutrients in the Cellmax range; free from toxic substances.

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