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Wave goodbye to oscillating fans and say hello to the DiffuseAir

Update: Keep your eyes peeled for the return of our once and future legendary competition, featuring none other than the DiffuseAir!

Growroom airflow just took a giant leap into the future! Here at Hydromag we’ve been blown away by the fact that such a simple yet brilliant piece of kit has heralded a fundamental paradigm shift in the environmental management of growrooms.

Designed and made by the expert ventilation engineers at System Air, the DiffuseAir slips neatly onto the end of an RVK or inline fan. Hung from the ceiling, this single, aerodynamically efficient unit evenly distributes airflow and temperature throughout your growroom. Because of its position, the DiffuseAir pulls air in from the top of your growroom and out across your plants’ canopy.

The even air distribution eliminates hot spots, microclimates and high humidity zones. Because the DiffuseAir is never pointed directly at your plants it also reduces problems caused by harsh air streams; wind burn and the higher rate of transpiration it causes can lead to over fertilisation and salt build up. With the DiffuseAir, these issues are a thing of the past. Freeing up the space previously used by your now redundant clip-on and stand fans also gives you more room to grow.

Easily hung with rope ratchets or chains, a single DiffuseAir unit will serve a square tent or multiple units can serve larger growing areas. Alternatively the DiffuseAir can be attached to your air intake fan, evenly distributing CO2 rich, fresh air across the plant canopy. You can, and should, still use a filter to remove dust and mould spores.


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