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As of next week, four new Quest dehumidifiers will be hitting the UK market for the first time, fresh from the US. Offering industry leading efficiency and a patented, optimised air-to-air heat exchanger, it’s little wonder that Quest are the first choice for commercial and hobby growers alike. But it isn’t just the horticultural world that they dominate. Quest dominates dehumidification in general on a simply eye-watering scale; from the government sector to micro-breweries by way of gyms, cold storage, water treatment and everything in between, the scope of their business is comprehensive to say the least.

Master your environment and maximise your success

But selling units is only the half of it. The ‘blog’ section of their website can only be ironically named; it’s a masterclass in understanding humidity supported by lab tests, white papers and untold experience. An industry leader with an open approach to sharing information is a rare beast indeed and we’re delighted to see them join the UK market. OK, gushing over. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty; why should you buy a Quest dehumidifier over a standard unit?

Higher yields, fewer problems

Well, household units aren’t tested in a grow room equivalent environment so the stats they give simply aren’t accurate. Quest dehumidifiers are designed and tested specifically for the environment they work in; more specifically, Closed-loop environments. Quest’s stats all come from independent tests done by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM); we’ll cover how these tests are significantly more accurate than others when we go into the technical details of Quest dehumidifiers in an upcoming Expert Insights article.

“But my air-con unit also dehumidifies” we hear you cry. This is true, but with your air-con unit doing two jobs at once, eventually the effectiveness of one function is going to come at the price of the other. That, or your unit isn’t going to last as long as it will if you let it do its own job and shift the work of dehumidification onto a specific unit.

Of the four Quest dehumidifiers on offer, two are overheads and two are portable. Whilst the overheads are designed to be hung overhead, saving on floor space, they also have screw-in feet, meaning they can operate at ground level. The CDG 74 and overhead units come with a built in Humidistat, the overhead units also feature a terminal block that allows you to daisy-chain units and connect a single external humidistat with sensors, hung in the canopy.

Quest Models Available in the UK May 2018

Quest 70 (Overhead Dehumidifier)

The Quest 70 Dehumidifier under review by Hydromag

Compact, cost-effective and high performing — the Quest 70 gives you the flexibility to hang the unit overhead or use ducting and keep the dehumidifier in a different space entirely.

  • ∎ WATER REMOVAL: 26L/DAY AT 26.7°C, 60% RH
  • ∎ 54cm x 31cm x 31cm (length by width by height)
  • ∎ 25Kg

Quest Dual 155 (Overhead Dehumidifier)

The Quest 115 Dehumidifier under review by Hydromag

One of the most energy-efficient commercial dehumidifiers on the market today, the Quest Dual 155 also gives you the flexibility to hang the unit overhead or use ducting and keep the dehumidifier in a different space entirely.

  • ∎ WATER REMOVAL: 71L/DAY AT 26.7°C, 60% RH
  • ∎ 97cm x 51cm x 55cm (length by width by height)
  • ∎ 61Kg

Quest CDG 74 (Portable Dehumidifier)

Quest dehumidifier

Whether you need a temporary supplemental dryer or the flexibility to move your dehumidifier to various rooms when and where you need it, the Quest CDG 74 offers flexibility and convenience.

  • ∎ WATER REMOVAL: 36L/DAY AT 26.7°C, 60% RH
  • ∎ 53cm x 31cm x 45cm (length by width by height)
  • ∎ 29Kg

Quest CDG 114 (Portable Dehumidifier)

The Quest 114 Dehumidifier under review by Hydromag

  • ∎ WATER REMOVAL: 55L/DAY AT 26.7°C, 60% RH
  • ∎ 51cm x 51cm x 85cm (length by width by height)
  • ∎ 47Kg

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