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Global Air Supplies have worked hand-in-hand with market leaders Systemair to develop the Revolution range of fans and controllers specifically for the grow room environment.

Revolution fans aren’t just smaller than traditional duct fans, Systemair say they’re quieter and more efficient than any other fan of this type, all whilst producing more air under pressure. Bold claims, backed up by independent tests and a hefty five year guarantee.

Millions of pounds in research and development have gone into specially designed, aerodynamically optimised impellers that work in combination with internal guide veins to create a smooth stream of high pressure air in a single consistent direction down the ducting. This reduces turbulence, loss of energy and negative air pressure traditionally created by air bouncing off the sides of the ducting when a lesser fan simply ‘swirls’ the air out of its housing. To put that in context, when used in combination with filters and bends in your ducting, revolution fans offer a significantly reduced loss of airflow.

A one piece sealed housing means leaks are a thing of the past, sealing in your odours when used with a filter. Their motors are all speed controllable and thermally protected. The Revolution range comes in both an AC version with the AC Stratos and an EC version, called the EC Vector. Used in combination with their EC controller, the Vector uses less than half power at half speed, potentially saving you up to 50% on running costs.

Topping off the range is the Silenced Revolution. This designed for purpose acoustic housing is wrapped in a galvanised steel body and sealed with rubber flanges, further reducing the possibility of leaks to practically nil. The white acoustic foam doesn’t absorb moisture or dust and is specifically designed to adsorb sound without restricting airflow. Systemair’s own tests show the Silent Revolutions’ sound attenuating bodies are capable of reducing the noise levels by 10db.

Exclusively distributed in the UK by Global Air Supplies

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