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Finding those hard-to-come-by members of staff in the hydroponics industry can be a nigh on impossible task.

Which is why we’ve created the ‘Job Finder’ section…

Our fully automated Job Finder system has everything you would expect from a normal jobs board, with the added benefit of being viewed on a regular basis by the kind of people you’re looking for – people who are passionate about hydroponics and already have a knowledge base on which to build.

We regularly contact our subscribers by email and on our social channels; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and they’re just as passionate about engaging with us.

The job posting process is easy, intuitive and takes about five minutes (providing you’ve already written your job description of course!)

So without further ado, here’s how to post a job…

Step 1: Click the link

Visit our job section and click the “Post a Job” Link

Step 2: Enter the job details

First of all, enter the details about the job.

Step 3: Enter your company details

Enter the details of your company. Some companies prefer to not provide the company name; you can enter something generic here if you like. The email will not be displayed on the ad, this is the email address that applicants details will be sent to.

Step 4: Enter the job location

Enter the location of the job, only the city is mandatory here.

Step 5: Select Featured or Standard listing

Featured vs. Standard listing (see below)

Step 6: Click Preview

The preview button will show you what your ad looks like

Step 7: Click Publish Listing >>

Once you have checked the details of your job listing, click “Publish Listing”

Step 8: Place Order

Select your payment method and enter your details. Click “Place Order”

Once you’ve added your first job, you’ll be able to manage it and future job listings via the Employers panel.

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